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The Undead Meets the Living Dead

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The Undead Meets the Living Dead is the first book from the series Legends of the Living Dead. Mia, a nearly three century old vampire stumbles across a man. Not just any man; Michael is the creation of Bokors, witches, gods and voodoo legend that goes back a thousand years. He is cursed to walk as an undead in a world that wants him gone from the face of the earth. Mia wants to learn more about this fascinating creature. To do so, she must escape the vampire that made her and claimed her as his own. An unlikely team, Michael and Mia must battle both vampires and the spirits that are the Islands. Tiaton, a powerful mix of Bokor and voodoo gods wants Michael for her very own. She will call upon the most powerful voodoo gods to help her make Michael possession. The undead and those that are called the living dead will encounter hatred, love, death and spirits that are only read about in spooky tales. Someone is going to die! The islands hold many secrets that whisper of zombies and witches and vampires. They tell of creatures thought only to exist in old wives tales and folklore. They are more real than a mind might wish to know. This story contains many true rituals and gods that are a huge part of the voodoo belief. It will fascinate you and intoxicate your mind.

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