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My Boss Is A Werewolf! (Monster Seductions)

23 pages18 minutes


What would you do if you found out your mean boss was actually a weak little Pomeranian?

Minnie is sick and tired of the verbal abuse from her boss, Jack. Somehow, that means she's following him home after some strange behavior at the office.

She even has to climb a huge wall to get into his gated community!

Not even thinking twice, she watches him through the window as he watches a porn.

And then, she watches him as he does something even weirder... transforms by moonlight into a werewolf!

Only, this isn't your average werewolf. Jack, her asshole boss... is a were-Pomeranian.

As she runs away laughing, a wicked idea forms in her head... and she comes back to act on it.

Will Jack take his punishment and like it? Or will Minnie end up losing her job after pegging and demanding sexual favors from her boss?

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