The Anatolian
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The Anatolian is a fictional novel of ancient times in the Middle East, and tells the story of a young Hittite prince, Muwatallis, who is robbed of his birthright and flees into exile to live among warrior nomads, the Scythians. There he acquires the knowledge of weapons and warfare, all of which he will put to good use in the future. He travels to complete his education by learning the applications of weaponry and military tactics, and finally journeys to Egypt, a then enemy country. In Egypt he experiences life in a rich civilization, meets love and hate, jealousy and honor; and there meets his arch enemy, Ramsees. Muwatallis experiences a myriad of events which prepare him for an eventual return to his native country to reclaim his heritage. He will eventually meet his arch enemy on the battlefield at Khadesh. The novel addresses the emotions of its characters in both royal and savage environments. Muwatallis, lives an extraordinary life and adventure which encompasses many peoples and nations, and he acquires insights in judging the characters of men and women whom he meets to assist him in attaining his lifelong goal.
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