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Imagine a world where extraterrestrials have invaded the world and enslaved all humanity. Women are enslaved for sexual purposes. Men are conscripted into vast armies. Differences among the extraterrestrials usher in a period of violence. The extraterrestrials bring forth monstrous children through the women they have enslaved. Eventually all of the extraterrestrials’ monstrous progeny are killed by a greater One, who devises technology to rob the extraterrestrials’ ability to materialize on this plane. This may sound like something out of J.R.R. Tolkein, but it actually occurred during humanity’s ancient past, well-documented in the first portion of the book of Genesis. One family is made a bulwark against further incursions by the extraterrestrials. (Volume 1) The extraterrestrials’ relation to humans is explored in a man named Job. (Volume 2) The progeny of the family fighting against the extraterrestrials are given laws designed to protect them from the extraterrestrials’ influence. (Volume 3) There are wars with those who have defied the extraterrestrials. Religion, while highly ritualistic, boils down to the simple concept that someone’s ancestral lineage will bring forth the Messiah. Each family desires to be that lineage and brings forth children in that hope. It is against this backdrop that the canonized Bible was written by 40 different people from blue-collar to royal backgrounds over a period of 1600 years without any contradictions.
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