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Proof of Atlantis
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Plato had written about the mythical continent of Atlantis and his writings indicated the people of Atlantis had buried the records of their continent and culture in several places in the world when they learned their continent was about to be destroyed. Proof of Atlantis is an action adventure about a construction manager, Matt McKay, who finds these long lost records in the foothills of the Himalayas and realizes they contains knowledge more advanced than our own. Devious people in the United States, Russian and Chinese Governments learn of his discover and each set out to take the records from him. Matt soon finds himself running for his life; having to over coming one deadly obstacle after another. He smuggles the records half way around the world before his flight comes to a head on an island not far where the odyssey of the records had began some sever thousand years before.
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ISBN: 9781441531612
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