"In a culture that struggles with dealing with grief, Farland has opened a door that allows others to see and feel what part of that path looks like. I can't help but believe that his readers will benefit by his sharing."Ted LundeOptions Unlimited"This book will give encouragement and guidance to all those experiencing grief, but especially to men and fathers. Dr. Bottoms' willingness to make himself vulnerable and share his struggles serves as a tremendous tool for the grieving reader as they may be learning to identify and express the depths of their feelings.He gives an excellent description of the evasive nature of depression and the various fronts one may use to hide it. Fortunately, he does not stop there, but gives 'permission' for the grieving person to seek the counsel of their families or that of professionals.The text does not gloss over or euphemize the extreme pain of losing a child, but does offer hope by defining healing as a process that requires faith in God and patience while He works. This book will give understanding to those grieving from someone involved in the process himself"Kelley L. Rumbyrt, MD,Psychiatrist"On Angels' Wings will give those grieving solace through shared experience and the knowledge that others have walked along the same dark shadows, experience the same emotions and have come out the other side wounded yet still standing.On Angels' Wings is a frank, stark and very personal journey of one man struggling to deal with the terrible loss of his son. It is a rare glimpse of a man struggling with the 'stoic, provider model' he must break free from to be completely human and to experience the grief most hold inside in a quiet rage. Through one's ability to deal with his humanness and weakness, others, particularly men, will see a window to healing.We are not alone, On Angels' Wings will provide comfort to those grieving a loss by allowing for a glimpse into the head and heart of another dealing with the worst of all parent's nightmares. To simply sec that others deal with the same feelings of quilt, anger, rage, and sorrow will help in the healing after the loss."Justin MatottAuthor of My Garden Visits,A Harvest of Reflections and Children’s books
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