In today’s global reality of ever-changing cultural values, any organization must move proactivelyand aggressively into customizing its international operation. If it doesn’t modify the organization’sstructure and processes to stay aligned with cultural values, norms and trends occurring in the globalexpansion environment, the consequences can be disastrous!Redesigning an operational model for global success is easy. Redesigning it the right way is a lotmore challenging! It takes the application of thoughtful research, creative thinking, and intelligentanalysis. Additionally, it takes a flexible and global mind-set. You must throw away all false beliefs,biases, prejudices, or assumptions that you and your organization possess—finding and strategicallyplanning on a foundation of realistic and measurable knowledge. All the information you need isreadily available; it’s just a matter of locating, linking, and trending the data for future success.This outstanding book—written by two of the world’s most renowned writers, speakers, andorganizational advisors—breaks it all down for you; giving you and your organization the ability tosucceed today, and the power to predict cultural trends for tomorrow, in the global environment!
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