Tapping into the Secrets of Wellness
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As you begin to explore this book, please keep in mind that it has been written by a professional massage therapist who has specialized in care-giving for over twenty years. During the course of all those years, I have learned what usually makes people ill and what it takes to get them to allow themselves to become well. Some of the concepts may seem a little strange, or maybe a little too simple for someone who is really ill but, I have drawn upon my years of experience to show the reader that because life isn’t simple, wellness isn’t simple either. I have pointed out that you are what you think you are, and the implications of that thought can be staggering in its complexity.As you read and try to understand the concepts contained in this book that may seem foreign to you, remember that many of the things contained herein are twenty years of learning by a skeptic. I didn’t accept some of the concepts easily, I proved them through experience and you can too. I have compiled all the knowledge I have obtained over the years into this exclusive book and all you need with this knowledge is hope and faith and through that miracles can and will happen.
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ISBN: 9781450011693
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