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Woman to woman, I wish I would have been more attentive and mom would have stomped her feet a little harder when she saw I wasn’t paying close attention when she spoke about dealing with men and relationships. Now at the age where I probably have more days behind me, than ahead of me and the misadventures I’ve incurred down those years, I’m stomping my feet and asking my beautiful Sisters and Brothers, young and not so young, to just stop and listen for a minute. No one wants to see their love ones go through complexities, especially those that can be avoided. Most of us hate to say, ‘We told you this was going to happen if…’ but if insightful words continue to fall upon closed ears, ‘He’ll walk, stomp and spit on your feelings.’ It is so easy to gain a man’s respect and loyalty. It starts by respecting and being loyal to ourselves, he’ll soon catch on!
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