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After an unsettling discovery, Sesily Dearborn was forever changed, her life embarking on a journey that would change the lives of everyone she knew. Isolated from her parents, she was left alone only with a maid from the family estate, as well as a soldier from her village.Now facing a world she never knew anything about, Sesily struggles to learn more about herself, her world, and the forbidden item she has discovered. As destiny has preordained, however, her fate is strung loosely on the thin strands of life and death.Finding unlikely allies, such as an obnoxious and arrogant reporter, a world-famous sharpshooter, and a promiscuous priestess, Sesily overcomes the challenges of a country built on conflict and survival of the brave.With her friends, Sesily faces a multitude of enemies. Terrifying heathens, known as Reapers, serve as a constant pestilence. The dark Coven of Witches seeks to destroy the country and rule it as their own, and an evil greater than the two combined yearns for the very power Sesily possesses.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781450003933
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