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Kung Fu Fighting Mermaids, Globe Zero

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In a time when the seed of evil is slowly covering the planet and the pure of heart are seen as enchanted warriors who fall in battle.
Thirty- year- old priest, Lucius, falls in love with the daughter of an all-powerful witch. From this forbidden love, four girls are born and raised in secret. Lucius is betrayed when his only friend is captured by the witch’s changelings, the vengeful witch curses Lucius to live for a sleepless eternity and casts his sixteen-year- old daughters, Destiny, Charity, Hope and Faith into a watery spell-bound exile.
Determined to rescue his daughters, Lucius embarks upon a journey that takes him through the ages of time, where, in a challenge to win magical gifts he vanquishes a monster demon-hound and finds himself being hunted by a tribe of crazed, midget cannibals riding giant spiders.
Lucius finds solace within the walls a mountain-top, monastery that time has forgotten. During Lucius’s time at the monastery he becomes a grand master of martial-arts, yet Lucius flees the doomed monastery when he learns of its dark secret.
The year is 2025 and the world has changed forever. Lucius finds himself in the dark, flooded, lawless future of the human race and realises he has escaped one hell and walked straight into another
Disheartened and destroyed, Lucius attempts to take his own life but is stopped when a guardian angel enlightens him as to how he can find his daughters and together, as enchanted soldiers, they can rid the world of its evil.
Lucius rescues his daughters and discovers they will never be free from their curse, as when his daughters are submerged in water their legs dissolve into liquid-metal, Mermaids tails.
Amidst some sibling rivalry Lucius and his daughters set out to bring the city’s most wanted to justice.
This family maybe gifted, but are they ready to take on Cornelius Vain!

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