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Victory over dis..eases

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This book is covers all aspects of life, be it physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, psychological or sexual.
Shanti set out to be a practitioner in natural healing from a very young age. He worked as an Osteopath and Chiropractor since 1972 in Ballina, NSW.

Shanti realised that if we look after ourselves and use preventative measures, this is the key to good health.

Shanti realised that the body is very complex and there are many influences inside and outside the body that play a very important part in the general health of a human being.

Problems may occur in our body, where one part of the body isn’t functioning 100% and this leaves us with an incomplete system to function the way we would like it to.

We should take stock of ourselves NOW and do something about it as soon as we can. Don’t wait till tomorrow, as tomorrow never comes! Prevention is what he is all about; curing a problem indicates that things haven’t been managed properly.

We are bombarded with toxic materials all day, via the air, the water and the so called “food” from the fast food outlets and supermarkets. All these are laced with artificial chemicals the body doesn’t like and they work in a negative way and make our bodies very acidic, something we should not be, as it allows diseases to enter and multiply. Also, mentally introduced negative influences play a big part in our health.

We should ALKALISE, ALKALISE, ALKALISE as once we are in an alkaline state, we cannot get sick. Shanti has not been to a doctor for sickness for over 50 years and he has not even take and asprin or panadol during all that time.

Shanti is really concerned about the future and the way our children are going to deal with the difficulties facing them, especially if nothing is being done about their health NOW. This includes their mental health and emotional health especially.

Shanti recites the word LOVE many times and he is concerned about the lack of LOVE. Love makes the world go around and money is the evil one. Too much emphasis is put on making money, where if we lived a simpler life, money would not be such an issue.

Adults and parents have a big role to play, to give the younger generation a good start in life and to do the right thing by their offspring as they brought them into this world and children are your responsibility entirely.

The answers are written loud and clear and someone wrote to him saying: "At last there is a book that answers all my questions”.

Shanti is often asked questions about health or well being, and his answer is always: "Buy this book, because there are so many answers and nobody is the same as the next person, so to give you a direct answer is impossible." When however you have read this book, the answers come together, one by one.

“Victory over dis...eases” is a reference book, something you can refer back to again and again. Shanti suggests you read it through and then read the most important pages that pertain to you personally.

Shanti also realises that changing from you NOW to a healthy individual is NOT going to be easy, as there is a lot of sacrificing to be done to reach that goal, but in a large proportion of the people, the change is worthwhile. That is why he wants our children taught the right thing whilst they have not settled into a bad pattern.

He wishes everyone a very healthy future, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually and physically and he would like to invite you to a nice drink of fresh fruit or vegetables juice on your 100th birthday.

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