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Anti-Necromancer: Zombie Island

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I move through the very dark woods, where I can't see, but neither can the zombies. (A magician may be able to control the zombies, but what does control mean, if the zombies can't see?)
I move carefully and as silently as I can. I keep peering out of the woods, trying to spot a boat. After a bit, I spot what appears to be a darker shadow among dark shadows.
I exit the woods and feel my way out to a boat. I again close my eyes use my propane torch to set a boat on fire.
From out of the total darkness, something grabs me and I'm caught! (Catching a man with a propane torch in his hand is not one of the smartest things that a man, or zombie, can do. However, the magician probably didn't choose the zombies for intelligence.) I reach back and torch the zombie in its face. The thing's face is burning but it doesn't let go. I stomp on a bare zombie foot with my booted heel and the zombie and I fall to the road. The fall breaks the zombie's hold on me and I roll away, only to find myself in a forest of zombie legs. I kick left and kick right. I feel zombies fall about me and I then use my propane torch to give the zombies something to react to, other than trying to grab me.
The zombie retreat a little and try to put out the fires that burn their legs.
I roll out of the little forest of legs, get my feet under me and bolt for the pitch dark of the roadside forest.
(A forest is trees and underbrush. However, there are animals that live in a forest. The animals wear narrow trails through the forest. I locate, by feel, what must be a main trail, shut off my propane torch then follow the trail for a bit. I use Glyr to probe the underbrush and trees on each side of the trail
After a while, I find what I'm looking for. Glyr detects an open space that could be a side trail. However, a downward slash, in the pitch darkness reveals a log, probably a fallen tree trunk. I go a little further, along the main trail and then back up. Using Glyr to probe the way I step onto the fallen tree trunk and then step down into a small cleared space, perhaps cleared when the tree trunk fell. I use Glyr to probe the cleared space and find a very narrow animal trail that leads off at an angle, through the forest.
I then wait and catch my breath, after the exertions involved with my escape from the zombies. The magician will expect me to move back up the road and find yet another boat to burn. Thus, the magician will deploy his zombies to catch me along the road. While the magician searches for me where I am not, I gain a bit of breathing space.
Glyr mind asks, “You seek to hide from the zombies?”
I mind speak back, “I can hide from the zombies, but not from the magician. After a time, the magician will realize that I have gone into the forest and he will send zombies after me, along the forest trails. After considerable searching, the magician will realize that I have gone off the main trails and hidden myself in the forest, off a main trail. The zombies are not efficient searchers, thus the magician himself will need to come and search. With luck, you will gain the life force of the magician and then we can easily deal with the leaderless zombies.”
Glyr mind speaks back, “A clever plan. However, what if it doesn't work?”
“Then, if we live, I will have to think of another plan.”
I gather a few small branches and use Glyr to trim them into sticks.
Glyr is not happy with the duty.
I point out, “I put a stick or two on top of the fallen tree trunk. A clumsy zombie steps on the tree trunk, trips on the rolling stick and falls into the darkness. Then what?”
Glyr chuckles, “Then I cut at least an arm from the clumsy one, perhaps a head. I gain undeath!”

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