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I Was Just Thinking

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This book reveals the power of positivity, expresses hope and love, and is full of personality. The encouraging words will increase your personal and professional life. The author’s belief is that this book will create positive powers in the life of the reader.
He wrote the book specifically for his children to show them that they are always on his mind and the things that he thinks about for them are focused on accomplishments, happiness, joy, and above all, love.
After reading this book, you will discover no matter where you are as a parent, your feelings and thoughts will always be wrapped around intense positivity for your children.
The mission of the book is to deepen relationships with one another by conveying to parents and children the depths of thoughts and feelings and just how as a parent, we are always thinking of positive formulas for our children filled with high hopes. The pages encourage our children to not settle for second best and to not become content with a complacent life of mediocre existence that so easily satisfies people of this present and. And most of all, to focus on the positives in life while eliminating the negatives.

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