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Claimed by the Beast - Bundle

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Claimed by the Beast, bundled together!

Crystal Davis never claimed her life was perfect. Her grades were too good and her clothes never hid enough. Her friends were few and far between when there wasn’t an exam around the corner. She resigned herself to a miserable senior year after a final attempt to fit in left he walking home from a party.

Daydreaming about life beyond small town America, she wasn’t ready for the pack of bikers that roared through the night. She was even less prepared for what leapt out of the darkness and decided to make her its next victim.

Marked for a fate worse than death, Crystal’s desperate to do whatever it takes to escape with her life. Even if that means facing the very beast that’s claimed her as its own.

Once you're done here, go back in time and read Taken by the Beast, the prequel to Claimed by the Beast!

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