Herbal Remedies for Whole Body Health

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Herbal Remedies for Whole Body Health

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It’s no secret that being healthy is the key to a long and happy life

Herbs can play a huge part in the success of that goal.

Many parts of our body are home to an immensely large number of microbes, with which we share a symbiotic relationship. These microbes are vital to our health and our very survival. They aid us in extracting nutrients from food, creating certain vitamins, protecting us from infection and maintain the protective barrier function of our respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts and skin.

Modern antibiotics at times have the effect of collateral damage and are capable of destroying many of these vast numbers of these beneficial microbes. It sometimes takes months for this population to recover, making us all the more vulnerable to future infections. Today's indiscriminate use of antibiotics in both humans and livestock has led to increasing numbers of bacteria that are resistant to their effects. It is true that antibiotics are used as our first line of defense, however, we must learn to use them wisely and only when absolutely necessary.

Many of the minor infections for which antibiotics are often prescribed can be easily and effectively treated using non-addictive, natural medicines that support the body's natural defense mechanisms without increasing bacterial resistance or destroying healthy microflora in our body.
In this book you will discover:

Herbal cures for so many of today’s persistent ailments.

You will learn how to incorporate adaptogens herbs that help one adapt to environmental, physical and mental stressors into your life to improve your mood, energy and immune response.

You will learn how use herbal medications to help overcome so many of our common everyday ills and complaints.

You will discover how to keep your whole body in tune and running like a well-oiled machine.

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