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Lake Forest Witches



Lake Forest witch Petunia and her neighbor (now boyfriend) Noah head to Coven Creek for a leisurely vacation. The sarcastic cat Pansy comes along for the ride. It's hard for Petunia to leave Pansy home when she's responsible for changing him into a cat via a love potion.

But Petunia's hopes for rest and relaxation are dashed when she inadvertently knocks a crystal ball onto the floor at a local boutique called Enchanted Objects, causing green smoke swirls to appear inside the delicate globe. Petunia is shocked to learn the crystal ball has been dormant for eighty years. The store's flustered clerk demands Petunia take the magic ball with her. She begrudgingly brings it back to her hotel, although she's skeptical of the power the ball has unleashed upon her. 

Luck is on Petunia's side when resident witches Chloe, Emerald, and Evie begin to help solve the crystal ball's mystery—until a deadly accident occurs at the local candy factory. Petunia loves marshmallows, but not so much when they are melted and become the instrument of death.

Is this truly an accident as it seems, or are deadly intentions at work? Questions swirl around the incident, especially since the victim, Medea Deadsnout, is the most hated manager at the factory. Suspects pile up like chocolate bars and magical revelations lead Petunia toward the truth. 

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