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A Dance with Tilly

25 pages18 minutes


Jack Wharton witnessed something beautiful, and yet impossible. In pursuit of an explanation, he explores a terrain just outside his front door that he’s never quite noticed before... and discovers quite a bit about himself as well. A 5,000-word story set in elegant Marblehead, Massachusetts, A Dance with Tilly follows 14-year-old Jack as he moves briskly through the bewitching worlds of ghosts, grief, and that perennial hair-raiser, girls.

The story then continues in Jack & Tilly, a 51,000-word novel written after numerous requests to the author for a sequel. Set 18 months after A Dance with Tilly, Jack finally shares the secrets he learned when he was 14. What ensues is an exhilarating race for answers. Jack strives to balance his home life, his world at school, and his relationship with Tilly as the alluring pull of the past threatens to topple everything he values in the present.

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