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Infernal Revolutions

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Harry Oysterman, fledgling Night Poet, is not impressed with his impressment into the British Army. Sent to fight the uprising American colonists, he soon finds himself embroiled in conflicts of a more personal nature.

Can he outrun, if not outwit, the fearsome British dragoon Burnley Axelrod, whose day is not complete without copious amounts of sex, violence and brandy?

Should he reveal his true identity to Sophie B. Mecklenburg, the Limping Lady of the Lowlands? Does the American Dream or the Sussex Dream offer more in the way of fulfilment? Is the protection of George Washington, the Stallion of the Potomac, worth less than the paper it is written on?

There was more than one battle for independence going on during that tumultuous New Jersey winter of 1776.

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