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Shouldn't You Be Proud? (Or, Fantastic Heights and Dizzying Lows): A Collection of Poetry, Prose, Ideas, Confessions, Lyrics and Other Things

81 pages51 minutes


How does anxiety and depression affect our perception of and experience of reality? Sort of a loaded and esoteric question, perhaps one to be answered through loaded and esoteric poetry and stories. Through the art of free form poetry and literature, Kieran Graulich explores the nuances of anxiety through the lens of a confused, depressed everyman who asks the questions we may be too afraid to ask ourselves, but rest at the bottom of our heads: Do we really matter? What does our place in this world mean? Why can we feel so small yet so important at the same time? To put it bluntly, what and why does it mean to BE, and how does anxiety affect our relationship with being and conceiving reality? Features work of Graulich's from 2013-2015, detailing personal and fictional experiences with a multitude of subjects (heartbreak, social anxiety, eating disorders, homeless people, bright peppy stuff like that) that are all tied together under one theme of exploration and unsureness. Fun for the whole family!

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