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The story of Annie

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THE STORY OF ANNIE came from my love of motor vehicles, and I have been fortunate enough to own a number of them. Like for instance ... a Porsche 911 (996), A Studebaker Grand Terisimo Hawk, two Citroen Traction Avant’s, a Citroen CX, a Citroen D, Special, a Citroen DS 21, three Mini’s, a Triumph 2500 pi, a MG B, A MG Midget, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a 1938 Oldsmobile, a Simca Aronde, a Subaru Leone, a Mazda 323, a Ford Transit a Peugeot 203, a Honda Accord Euro and so on and so on.
And what do I miss the most? — The Citroen Traction Avant.
And which car gave me the most enjoyment? — The Alfa Romeo Giulietta JTD-M twin-clutch Progression with a QV pack. At my age it does everything I need and makes me feel happy.
The Triumph would often try to kill me when its six butterfly’s would sometimes jam open. The Porsche almost did the same when the accelerator cable unexpectedly jammed and
Out of this select lot some were partially restored and four were completely restored.
With that inventory now out of the way, lets get onto this story ...
After involvement with various car clubs, it becomes evident that many of these old vehicles have had long interesting careers. Cars that have survived for up to 70 years could have experienced almost everything humans are capable of.

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