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ITEC Make-Up Study Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Pass The ITEC Make-up Exam

Length: 35 pages20 minutes


This book is your guide to everything you will need to know to pass the ITEC Make-up Exam. When I was faced with taking the daunting ITEC exam I found the study materials provided to me disorganized and incomplete. I searched out the answers required, put them all into this ebook, and now I am passing that on to you.
Chapters are aligned with the ITEC focus areas: cosmetic application, hygiene, product ingredients, and contradictions. Each chapter goes into detail on what you need to know for the exam. This guide also includes info on the practical and binder portions that are required for ITEC. As a bonus, a free face chart is included at the book’s end – ideal for use when putting together your binder.

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