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Corporately Blonde (Original Title: Work, Blondes. Work!)

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The mainstream humor debut of Edie Claire, author of the USA-Today bestselling Leigh Koslow mystery series!

A professional woman's mind is a terrible thing to waste.

With two kids, a mortgage, and a husband who's about to lose his job, the last thing Karen Robertson needs is to get fired from her own. Ordinarily, she enjoys her work in the Communications Department of Zomar Industries, where she, Darcy, Whitney, and Luba click on keyboards all day in a friendly four-station cubicle nicknamed "The Blonde Pod." But management happens.

Counting time spent in a pediatrician's waiting room as vacation is bad. Switching the company's entire database of office supply products into an untested new software program is worse. But when younger and sexier hotshot Morgan Bessel gets mysteriously promoted, then secretly sets out to lay off some of Zomar's most senior and beloved employees, the blondes decide it's time to "provide solutions."

Can Karen help it if a certain highly sensitive tidbit of information just happens to fall onto her desktop? Is a little blackmail between co-workers really so wrong? With both her work life and her home life threatening to crash down around her, Karen struggles to choose between what she knows is right... and what sounds like a hell of a lot more fun.

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