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Betrayals: A Witch's Coven Novel, #2

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This is the second book in the Witch's Coven Novel series. Betrayals will captivate readers who love New Adult fiction filled with fantasy and magic. The Witch's Coven Novel series is a perfect match for fans who have read Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series.

Forced against her will to travel back in time to prevent a civil war in the Realms, the witch Sabrina's only hope of returning to her own time and reuniting with her daughter, Alessia, is to murder her house lord's half-brother Damen. Rebel leader and initiator of the civil war between the northern and southern great houses in the Realms, Damen is the formidable leader of House Stone. Abandoned and left to murder Damen or be stuck in the past forever, Sabrina chooses to impersonate the independent and powerful leader of House Dragon to get close to Damen.

Meanwhile Sabrina's daughter Alessia has been sent back in time to meet up with a young Sabrina. Together they embark on a journey with Thaddeus and Alessia's father, Stephen, to find the dark heart of the Moonstone. Only by finding the missing shard of the stone can they stop an ancient evil from destroying the Realms.

With the fate of the Realms in the balance, Sabrina and Alessia have precious little time to be reunited and work together to save those they love.

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