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Dream Interpreter Dictionary

Length: 561 pages3 hours


While there are hundreds of dream dictionaries available, the Dream Interpreter Dictionary is unique in that it contains not only ancient and proven archetypal dream interpretations, but also thousands of cross references with which the dreamer may interpret more accurately the meaning of their dreams. As far as is known, there is no other dream dictionary that has this facility, and it is one that makes all the difference!
The Dream Interpreter Dictionary is directly linked to its sister book The Dream Interpreter, which contains specific, but easy step-by-step methodology to enable the reader to interpret their dreams far more accurately than any other current system. Even though the Dream Interpreter Dictionary is a ‘stand-alone’ reference book, the reader is strongly encouraged to purchase a copy of The Dream Interpreter, and in tandem with this book, to use the information therein to analyse and interpret their dreams easily and accurately. The Dream Interpreter also contains the secrets of knowing how to learn the language of your brain, or sub-conscious if you prefer, which will open the mysterious gates to your psyche, enabling you to understand the weird and whacky world of your mind, and more specifically, your sub-conscious!

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