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Forex Trading Strategy: Plain and Easy

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Would you like to learn a proven system to make money now?
Well, now you can! This book presents the Forex trading strategy that we use in real life with over 70% success rate.
Forex is a truly international market and it has a huge trading volume averaging over $5 trillion of trading per day! Now you can learn a great proven day trading strategy - Trading the news releases.
The Forex market is affected hugely by releases of economic news around the world. And with 8 major currencies and more than 17 derivatives there is practically always some piece of economic data scheduled for release that can be used to trade profitably.
Our strategy is not complicated. This book describes plain and easy way you can use this Forex strategy and implement instantly. Proven trading system that makes money in real life.
˃˃˃ Mastering this simple Forex strategy works with astounding results!
- The Forex trading is applicable in any country.
- The Forex strategy presented in this book can be used by beginners and experienced traders alike.
- You can make money now, right away.
˃˃˃ Anyone Can Learn The proven Forex Trading Strategy to Make Money Now. In our book we explain in detail the following topics:
Risk Management - The simplest and Most Effective Way to Control Risk
Trade Order Size
Trading News Releases and Which News Releases to Trade
Where to Find News Releases
Which Currency Pairs to Trade
When to Place Orders
And Much Much More...
The Forex trading strategy presented in this book is a time-tested proven system that is used to generate Forex trading signals at The real-life trades, day trading orders and their illustrated results can be seen on the website.
About the AuthorDavid Hughe is the founder, editor and chief trader at His trading skills are displayed in the blog at
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