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Imagine a day like every other, where people are going about their lives dealing with work, love, and the other humdrum tasks of living. Then a dark cloud appears over the horizon. Suddenly, small drones that shoot special arrows that can render a human dead within seconds are indiscriminately attacking. These drones seem determined to wipe out every man, woman, and child they can find. Those people who take cover only find a temporary respite. A second wave of drones that can tear through houses, cars, and any other type of structure comes through to kill those who are left. Those the drones do not kill are made slaves to clean up the dead.

There are survivors. From the catastrophe of the attacks, a band of rebels arises with a single-minded intent to destroy the drones, free the slaves, and find out who is behind the diabolic scheme. These fighters are not superheroes or military warriors. They are regular men and women who are determined to take their world back. Evolved follows these brave people who had their world turned upside down as they form new relationships and alliances in their efforts to destroy the evil that has enveloped the entire earth.

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