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Foxy Chives

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Never say never. After being told he would never go to the Vietnam War, the Vietcong and The North Vietnam did the Tet offensive in late January 1968.
Three days later he was in I Corps shooting howitzers and his Winchester M-14. On the flight over he discovered a training notebook that he had just started in his pocket. While deciding what to do with it the flight crew announced "We are going over the International Date Line, let us all pray you Marines get this day you are now losing, back on your way back home."
I resolved to do a day to day log and omit combat data in the event the enemy got possession of this diary.
I faithfully kept the log and only came up with the subtitle when I wrote this up in the States: A college drop-out documents the 95% of the time that a combat Marine is not engaged in the terror of combat, Foxy Chives was the radio call sign for the training battery at Schools Battalion.

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