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Casting Doubt: Baxter Academy ~ The Academy, #3

Length: 130 pages1 hour


Deirdre O’Brien had briefly met Jesse Tinley, an art instructor at the Baxter Academy of Arts, one Sunday afternoon in November. After returning to classes at Vassar, Deirdre could not stop thinking about him. When spring break arrives, she knows exactly who she wants to spend it with.

Jesse Tinley was immediately attracted to Deirdre O’Brien, but they only had an afternoon together. Even though he’d like for there to be more, he knows it’s not possible. Deidre’s still in college and he has two jobs and a son. When Deidre shows up in his studio the first day of Spring break, he begins to hope for more.

Unfortunately, any romance could be snuffed out before it has a chance to begin. All because of a babysitter named Larry.

This is an expanded version of the short story that appeared in the “Fifty Ways to Kill Your Larry” box set.

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