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Stay Cheerful!: 89 Things to do Between Consulting Assignments

Length: 72 pages50 minutes


Inspired by a client question: “how do I stay cheerful between assignments”.
Here are 89 things you can do between assignments to improve your business, to keep your brain active, to keep in touch with clients, to make up for lost time culturally, scientifically and socially!
Priced so you can afford it when between assignments!
The 89 activities are categorised so you can easily find what suits your budget, time frame and penchant.
You will find free things to do, taking less than 4 hours a day, on the computer. Free things to do, taking less than 4 hours a day, away from computer. Things to build your business. Ideas to research online. If it's more your style then discover people-centred activities. Stay at the office and do things there. Or just maintain your mood.

The 89 things come under the headings of:
- Choose Your Attitude
- Consolidate Your Network
- Expand Your Network
- Consolidate or Expand Your Web Presence
- Create Intellectual Property
- Fix Yourself
- Break the Routine get some Personal Time
- Plan and Execute
- Train Your Brain
- Work On Your Business
- Walk a Mile in a Client’s Shoes
- Upgrade Your Skills
- Spring Clean.

And there's even a final section on what not to do.
If you're between assignments, then this is the book for you!

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