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King Jesus

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The crime of Jesus was nailed to his cross, “King of the Jews.” How could being a king be enough to condemn a man to death? Was he a king? Why was being a king so offensive? You cannot choose the family you are born into; was Jesus born a king? We will have to examine the historical kingdom of the Jews and the genealogical records of Jesus to determine if he was the king and thus verify the validity of Jesus’ death sentence.
But there's more to the story of Jesus. What gave him the right to die for you, that is, to die in your place? What was Satan doing while Jesus lived in the world? What was the real last temptation of Jesus? What is the difference between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God? There are two genealogies of Jesus, one in Matthew and another in Luke. Why are they different?
You might say, so what if Jesus was a king. What does that mean to me? Where was his kingdom located? Does it still exist? What kind of a passport and visa do we need to go there? The answers are in this book, Book 3 of the Way to Life series. This is your chance to learn about the King, the remarkable kingdoms of heaven and God and the Ambassadors of the King. Please note that immigration is still possible.

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