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31 Horrifying Tales from the Dead Volume 1



Johnny always liked to go exploring in old abandoned homes. Johnny especially liked to explore on stormy days because it gave the old houses and eerie feeling. There was only one place Johnny dared not explore and that place was Worley Manor because as legend has it there is supposed to be buried treasure in the family crypt and no one has been able to dig it up and be alive to tell about it. After Johnny's adventures in the abandoned houses he would like to tell tall tales to his classmates about his daring escapes and how they were haunted. Even though the tales were taller than Johnny it gained him popularity with his classmates and that's all Johnny cared about.
Johnny's tales were about to run out because his classmates were starting to doubt his tales were really true. Johnny's tales were about to be put to the test by his classmates. Just as class was over one of Johnny's classmates blocked Johnny at the door from leaving and asked Johnny after school to meet him at the football field with some of the other classmates who wanted to hear his latest tale.

After Johnny's tall tales his classmates dared Johnny to spend the night at Worley Manor. Johnny accpeted the dare but by the time morning came Johnny was nowhere to be seen.

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