Daughters of Power

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Daughters of Power

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“Before time there was a gathering in heaven and the voice of the Lord went out 'Who shall I send?' A little girl step forward and in a meek little voice answered, 'Here am I Lord send me.' And again the Lord asked, “Who shall I send?' and a woman stepped forward, ' Lord send me that I might prepare the way for this child you have chosen.”
“The woman was chosen also, but was given charge that she would be the first of those who would be called Life, while the child would be Life in its fullness to the children of men.”
“Again the Lord called out, 'Who shall I send?' And another small girl stepped forward. 'Here am I Lord send me.' And another woman stepped forward 'Lord this is but a child, choose another for the task you ask is hard,' she stepped back with the others afraid the Lord might choose her instead, while the girl stayed forward standing alone wishing someone older would step forward. The girl was chosen to love her sister and help her be strong when she was weak,” I said.
“My sister told me this story long ago, even before you were born Marie. She told me again the last time I saw her in this life. Even now I do not understand fully what the sisters were chosen for, only that they stood before the Lord trusting whatever he asked he would prepare the way before them.”

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