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Lord Iverleigh’s willful daughter always gets her way.
All that Lady Rosalyn St. Armand ever wanted was to be a grand countess like her mother, to be accepted within London society. She falls in love with Jaime Dunleavy from the moment she first sees him. She vows she will marry the darkly handsome Irish lord at any cost, even knowing he is engaged to another.
Rose cruelly rejects Jaime’s younger brother Cullen from the onset, blinded to all but her own ambition. She wants better than a penniless second son. She is driven to do the unthinkable after learning she is her father’s illegitimate daughter, threatening her dreams for the future. Foolishly, she ignores the warnings of a gypsy’s curse, determined to have her heart’s desire, and forfeiting what she can never get back.
Jaime never expects to be waylaid by Lord Iverleigh’s daughter after he arrives for his niece’s wedding in England. Determined to see his father’s dream come to fruition, Jaime agrees to marry a nobleman’s disgraced daughter. The well-being of his family is all that he cares about, driven to succeed in all things but what matters most.
Jaime is furious to have all he worked for undermined by a social-climbing young miss. Determined to punish Rose the only way he can, he cruelly disabuses his wife of any doubt that he will honor the vows he was forced to make, callously destroying her girlish dreams through a series of thoughtless acts.
A reversal of fortune places Rose directly in a viper’s nest after a jaded nobleman dies and makes her his heiress. An old enemy of Lord Iverleigh’s now stalks Rose, determined to destroy her after a scandalous memoir is published revealing many devastating secrets.
Rose soon finds herself helplessly torn between the Dunleavy brothers, one who torments her faith and challenges her heart, the other who loves her beyond reason, but holds her to the fateful decision she made to marry his brother.
Treachery and betrayal surround her on all sides. The gypsy’s prophecy has finally come to pass, striking out at her two-fold, and hovering with a third prediction. Rose has no choice but to run after Jaime is feared dead and their child is lost by a tragic twist of fate . Now she must outwit her diabolical half brother in order to stay alive and seek to pay the gypsy’s hated price for any future happiness.

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