Exiles of Ambercross

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Exiles of Ambercross

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Length: series


Casey Winter has hit rock bottom. Last year she was a lauded writer and the wife of America's biggest mega-church pastor. Now she's crippled, divorced and unemployed...and her revered ex-husband did it all. The only thing she's got is a metric ton of debit. The only place in Corpus Christi that will hire her is a convenience store on the bad part of town. The only thing she can't do is write. She figures it can't get any worse.

And then someone shoots up the store.

But the bullets were silver-plated, and the man who took one for her is hotter-than-hot Elf Marco Creed. Turns out the Texas coast is haven for exiles from Fairyland, and her city is full of knights in shining armor...as well as the things that go bump in the night. And all of this might be thrilling if not for one little detail:


If Casey and Marco can't find her would be killer, more than the Exiles will lose...

(This edition contains all four previously published novellas in the Exiles of Ambercross Series: Silver Bullet, Blue Ghost, Gray Fox and Black Hounds.)

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