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A Gathering of Darkness- Heir of Nostalgia Book One

Our story began on the crowded streets of New York City, amidst the tragedy of the homeless and the down and out. It ended with a young man finding his father but losing his world.

‘Christmas has come and gone, with it, the memories of my family, lost now to the sands of time. Our only hope lies in the fact that they never found us, not really. The nightmare they sent, a true demon of darkness, has been vanquished, sent back to the pit. As for the man in the ‘silver singing spurs,’ the man who kidnapped my father... the less said on his behalf the better. Only know this, revenge has always been a dish best served cold.’

Absentia- Heir of Nostalgia Book Two

Our story continues with the tale of three young friends, born out of loss, held together by magic, protected by fate and brought together by destiny. Together, they will face the unimaginable, as the forces of darkness, now unleashed, begin to marshal their strength to conquer the world.

Excerpt from Absentia-

‘Those gathered below seemed to be wearing some sort of malleable, very flexible, metal armor the color of night and shadow, forest and snow, moonlight and pitch, foliage and ground. Their long, narrow faces were pale and uncovered, their hair the color of raven's wings. In their slender hands they rapidly wove pieces of vine and branch in intricate, winding, patterns, hypnotic looking shapes, and mesmerizing fabrications. And when they spoke, it reminded him of the sound that fall leaves make being blown by the wind just before the first frost, brittle and crisp, like branches being blown down the sidewalk outside his home. His heart leapt into his throat as one of the 'manimal's froze; its dark eyes, the color of congealed blood, glancing up to where they lay in hiding.
Even in the night, Festus could see the flat 'deadness' being reflected there-‘

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