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Men at Work



In Ancient Rome, as Saturnalia dawns and Rome prepares for the celebration, slave Antius has set in motion a disaster involving his master, Marcellus. The Roman governor over all Britannia, Ostorius Scapula, will soon arrive at the remote fortress. Marcellus must welcome the ruler with full Roman hospitality, which means handing over a captured Cornovii woman. This same woman holds Marcellus’ affections, however misplaced Antius believes they might be.

Antius suffers his beloved master’s wrath when he tells the governor of the Cornovii woman. Heartbroken, Antius looks for his beautiful, young slave Quintus. For months he has waited to deepen their relationship, savoring each moment of the youth’s company. Is the time to do so now? Can he set aside his long-held feelings for Marcellus and carve out a new future for himself and Quintus?

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