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The Spiritscape Chronicles



The Spiritscape Chronicles create a world where the extraordinary come from the most unexpected places. Angelcide shared the story of Tone and Zeke, an unlikely duo who uncover the mystery of something killing angels and demons. Without the extraordinary power of the unlikely human, all would have been lost. In New Fallen, a new hero will emerge to show them all that the unlikely are often the most extraordinary.
Tone and Zeke are back as they face a new threat. With the defeat of Bubba at the conclusion of Angelcide, the angels thought the disappearances were finally over. They thought wrong. Something is taking demons from the Spiritscape, leaving only a mysterious green haze.
What is the new thing taking them? More importantly, why are they being taken? Who is going to get to the bottom of this? The last question has only one answer: Zeke and Tone. The bad-boy, badass angel teamed with the powerful, smart-ass human, are the ideal team for this mission. Add in Arino – the healer and girlfriend of Zeke, and Nazilaq – the skimmer pilot, and the perfect team is back together. Perfect until the hunters become the hunted. Whatever is stealing demons wants to add Tone to this unearthly collection.
It’s a race to save the demons from a fate worse than hell and keep Tone from being taken and used for some mysterious purpose. The New Fallen know far too much.

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