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January Highlands: Stupid Birds

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The life of 4 animal entertainers through their joys and adventures in the town of J.H

Love and tragedy meet under the same roof with ordinary, miraculous, and a spectacular intrigue of thoughts and actions. Stupid Birds is a novel presenting the lives of 4 characters through their joys and adventures in the fictitious town of January Highlands (J.H). J.H. is a classic southern settlement in the United States and it has a mixture of immigrants who came for a better and a fair chance in life. Just imagine how the lives of the people intertwine with the town itself, each one with its own uniqueness. As the characters live out their lives; Robby, Ronnie and David with the special band and Nina, the main feminine figure... there comes a moment when things take a different turn and they get spiced up.

In those crucial moments, when love spurs and things seem to come to the right path, a tragedy occurs and Robby is badly injured by an elephant at the circus where they were working with the band. From that moment on, things take a downward spiral and the characters transform in an unpredictable end. Hearts are broken, tears are spilled and love is consumed in a real lesson of life, love and cold blooded judgment

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