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From Conflict To Connection: Transforming Difficult Conversations Into Peaceful Resolutions (Mediate Your Life: A Guide to Removing Barriers to Communication, #2)

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Everyone experiences conflict, and if you’re like most people, it is typically a source of stress in relationships. But what if you could have difficult conversations with ease and create agreements that actually work?

With 40 years of combined experience in a Nonviolent Communication approach to mediation and conflict resolution, the authors of From Conflict to Connection offer a step-by-step guide to being in a relationship with yourself and others that generates new possibilities out of discord and disagreements. The book’s concrete, practical tools and maps for all stages of interpersonal communication, as well as many examples, will help you to:

understand how people get into conflict … and how to get out develop the ability to be centered regardless of what’s happening around you respond the way you’d like when you are upset and triggered reshape negative judgments of yourself and others navigate a difficult conversation so you both feel empowered and satisfied with the outcome

If you’re ready to escape the power struggle of relationships, be able to hear the other person and express what you’d like to say, and find solutions that work for everyone, From Conflict to Connection provides a new way forward that has transformed the lives of people worldwide.

JOHN KINYON and IKE LASATER have been refining their distinct Mediate Your Life approach since 2003, providing telecourses and workshops in more than 16 countries, helping people approach conflict as an opportunity and gain the skills and capacity to create true dialogue and new possibilities for connection.

Written with tender precision, this book is a complete guide to navigating interpersonal engagement…inexorably moving us to a greater capacity for inner peace.”

-Lee Glickstein, founder of Speaking Circles International;

author of Be Heart Now! Tap Into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease

“This amazing book is like having a GPS for navigating conflict … A true roadmap to happiness.”

-Kristin Neff, PhD

author of Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

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