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January Highlands: The Art of Killing

68 pages56 minutes


The Art of Killing is the second story in the series January Highlands. After Robby died, the ‘Stupid Birds’ (the music band for animals) regroup, people handled their business and the life seems to go on as usual, but this gets complicated with Nina, Ronnie and Vitaly the owner of the Russian circus! As he develops a hidden passion for Nina, Vitaly tries to charm her and even threatens the band ‘Stupid Birds’ in case she refuses him. The whole thing degenerates into a killer race as Nina wants to handle things all by herself and get rid of the pressure. A weird twist of destiny caused by a new character Mr. Moon, a pseudo killing specialist who promises to help Nina, but who proves to be an unpredictable individual makes the adrenaline go up and down, with unexpected turns and a surprise ending!
The storyline builds up again around the members of the Stupid Birds and the enigmatic Nina, the place being the same rustic and enchanting January Highlands!

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