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Overcoming All Obstacles To Marriage (A Boxed Set of Four Clean Western Historical Romances)

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Mail Order Bride: Undecided As To Marry Him, Or Not - An overweight woman living in Portland Maine is tired of all the stares that the locals give her so she corresponds with a man living in San Francisco and agrees to go out there and meet with him. After a few days she returns to Portland to mull things over and when offered an advanced position in the pharmacy where she works, finds she has a big decision to make.

Mail Order Bride: Traveling Blind To Her American Rancher - An upper class blind woman from England decides to travel to America and become a mail order bride, when a chance opportunity comes her way for a free passage on a ship. She takes her companion with her and journeys to meet a man she will never see, but hopefully come to love, on his ranch in California.

Mail Order Bride: The Woman With Doll-like Feet & The California Cowboy - A former circus sideshow performer with tiny feet decides to become a mail order bride and along with a few of her friends, goes to California to become the bride of a rancher; the only problem being that the man apparently has a hankering to return to the rodeo circuit, which he disavowed after injuring his back.

Mail Order Bride: The Texas Rancher Tries One More Time For Love - A woman from Philadelphia decides to take a chance and answer an ad from a man who’s a rancher in Texas. He is quite rich, but homely, and needs to test out a woman’s resolve to marry him not for his money, but for his personality and other character traits. He’s given this method of finding love several other chances but the women, once they take a look at him, have run off and married others in the same small town.

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