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Ghostly Water

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"Ghostly Water" is the memoir of a necromancer living in mid-eleventh century Europe. Follow his recruitment as an orphan into the realm of learned men and his initiations into the esoteric sciences. He surpasses his mentors by discovering Ghostly Water the most powerful of magic potions. This story is not "Harry Potter." It is a memoir of a Hermetic practitioner who tries to be a good and moral man, but who has a dark side that reflects the dark times in which he lives.

The magic he possesses is more acquired from study, initiation, and experimentation than it is a function of his lineage though he had always had an aptitude for it. It is more subtle and plausible than the magic in most medieval fantasies and the beasts in the text may have truly existed in the medieval past. Much of the setting involves real places and true history though some liberties have been taken. There are duels, battles, and in the end a war for the crown of England.

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