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Shelly hurried to finish both her and Mike’s paperwork so that she could follow him home from the office. Just as she’s ready to leave, the phone rings… Knoxville’s prison is in the middle of riot. The nightmare begins…

A phone call from Bobbie Jo sets the unit in motion. Bobbie and Beth Dunlap have been taken hostage by men from death row. Cavanaugh is free and they are headed to the mountains. Bobbie is in premature labor and Shelly rushes to her aide, praying that she won’t be too late. Who knew that an abandoned coal mine held so many secrets? With tunnels collapsing on either end, the only way out was up. On top of the mountain was where the real hell waited for them…

She’s my best friend in the whole world and she is missing. A frantic, hysterical call in the middle of the night ripped my heart from my chest, “Shelly! I’ve been kidnapped! Cavanaugh! Oh God, Shell! I’m in labor…” Then a dial tone…nothing…she’s gone…
Published: Robin Surface on
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