Jungle Rescue in Guatelamala
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Michelle and Michael Brooke are based out of the FBI offices in Atlanta, Georgia. Their beautiful home is not far from where they both grew up on Lake Lanier. The day was ending in a bank robbery that added a little excitement at the end of the week. Shelly and Mike were looking forward to going home and spending the weekend enjoying their twin’s first birthday. Things that seem normal soon turn into a nightmare when they try to locate Shelly’s parents.

The Alley family owns a charter service that’s based in Belize. A plane fitting the description of one owned by Destiny Caye Charter service has gone down in the jungle of Guatemala. The government refuses to go in after the survivors because it’s monsoon season and the jungle is full of drug cartels and mercenaries. It’s up to Michelle Brooke to make the rescue.

Michelle Brooke is only five feet tall, ninety pounds and losing weight rapidly, but she is driven. She’s the best agent the Atlanta office has and she would march through hell to bring her family home. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what she has to do. This mission of heart comes close to being Michelle Brooke’s last. Without a second thought, she gives it everything to get her family and fellow agents to safety.
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