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Agile Governance and Audit: An overview for auditors and agile teams

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Written in an engaging and entertaining style, Agile Governance and Audit serves as an ideal introduction for auditors and risk managers. 

Many auditors are now encountering Agile management methodologies for the first time. This can cause problems for the audit process because the methodology is very different from traditional project approaches. Aside from the difficulties faced by the auditor, an ineffective audit can have a negative effect on an Agile project and might even harm the final outcome. 

What you’ll find inside this book: 

Hints and tips for auditors 
A selection of case studies illustrating the practical issues involved in auditing Agile projects 
Helpful and practical guidance for Agile teams preparing for forthcoming project audits 

An ideal book for auditors encountering Agile and Agile teams preparing for a management audit.

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