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In Her Eyes

333 pages5 hours


Texas lawyer Tyler McCormack is now a disgrace to his profession. He walked away from his career and his self-worth when he freed a serial killer to save his own life. He is now plagued by public scrutiny and haunted by victims who will never receive justice. In an effort to start over, he moves to a new town where he hopes he won’t be recognized.

He finds no such luck as he soon runs into Mallory Jones, the only woman Tyler ever loved. Unfortunately, it’s not under the best of circumstances. Mallory’s husband has just been murdered, and she’s under investigation in what the police suspect is a murder-for-hire case that she knows could expose her deepest, darkest secret.

Mallory has no choice but to persuade Tyler, the one man she can trust, to help prove her innocence and protect the life of her young daughter. Despite initial hesitations, the two ex-lovers forge an alliance to find her husband’s killer but, in the process, become the primary focus of an obsession more menacing than ever imagined.

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