Progress in the Spiritual Life

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Progress in the Spiritual Life

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When it comes to ascertain one progress in their “Spiritual Life” There are a few mile markers, which seem to be a mainstay of main spiritual writers, many of which are recounted here within this volume. Within these pages, Ft. Faber, presents at the very outset, how one may and may not ascertain this knowledge. What seems to stand out at the very outset is our very self. Quite often, our intrinsic nature deprives us of being able to see clearly the errors of all our intentions and of our motives. From the early years of writers such as John Climacus in his monumental work, “Steps to Paradise” on to St. John of the Cross, many have presented the Christina populace of a standard guide to be in unison with God. What sets this work apart from so many others is that it starts at the very outset, and is a guide, which many quickly gloss over, believing they have overcome these very obstacles and fail to keep them eradicated, much like the tares among the wheat fields.
This work is an essential book for anyone.
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