Saving the Province: The Symbol

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Saving the Province: The Symbol

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Length: 313 pages5 hours


In futuristic Province, sixteen-year-old Josie Williams and her friends, Emma and Scott, are in the midst of fulfilling mandatory military training. After years of intense preparation and the placement of a tracking device in their arms that allows tracking by a dystopian government, the young cadets will become members of the special Com Forces charged with saving their world if war breaks out.
When a training exercise goes seriously wrong in Scott’s unit, Josie must still focus on completing her own complicated mission. On the last day of training when Emma takes an unimaginable risk that changes her fate, Josie embarks on a quest for justice that eventually leads her to the truth about the people around her, the government, illegal activities, and long-held secrets.
Saving the Province is a fast-paced tale of action, adventure, and secrets in a repressive alternate world as a teenager attempts to fulfill her destiny.
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