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A Highland Affair

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Ann Cameron is made redundant, ‘retired early’ by the Ministry of Defence after being shot and wounded on assignment to Military Intelligence. But a new life soon beckons when she is offered a position in Scotland renovating a remote Highland sporting lodge and relaunching the hunting & fishing business it once supported. Thanks to her considerable organisational skills & business acumen she transforms the moribund estate, Fydhie – owned by City financier Anthony Barron, who she later marries – into a thriving enterprise. She settles into a comfortable life set against a spectacular Highland backdrop. But there is a restless, and reckless, side to her character which baulks at the prospect of domestic bliss. Dabbling in her new husband’s business interests, she begins to lead a double life commuting between Scotland, London and Paris. Will the lure of her previous life on the edge prove irresistible, or will she give up the ghost of the past & once again embrace the charming delights of her beloved Fydhie?

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